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Thank goodness I bought my policy through Best Income Protection

Obviously when buying a policy you want to make sure that you get a good product at a competitive price (which is what we do), but perhaps more importantly you want an expert working on your behalf should something unexpected come along. That is exactly what we do.

This page shows just one example of when one of our customers was having difficulty with their insurer, it shows the lengths we go to to ensure our customers are treated fairly.

Rather than take our word for it, below is the testimonial from our customer and the Article that featured in the Financial Press :



Thank goodness I bought my policy trough Best Income Protection.

While there are many things to consider when buying a policy, the ability to have your claim paid must be most important.

When my insurer made a fundamental mistake and didn’t believe I had a claim, I was completely lost and frustrated. I went back to the team at Best Income Protection who fully understood my concerns and worked tirelessly at their own cost to get the claim paid. It took three months before they finally made the insurer understand they had made a mistake. They not only got my claim paid, but compensation on top. I don’t believe I would have achieved a similar outcome had I gone direct, or used an online supermarket, or any other company.

It didn’t matter how many times I called them they always made time for me and kept me updated. They were pro-active in sorting matters out and led from the front. I realise that with this company I am not just another number, but rather I am a valued customer who gets the very best of service when I need it.

If not for Bob and his team, I would have been unable to pay my bills...If it hadn’t been for Bob's vast experience in this industry and his patience then I would have been unsuccessful in my attempts at getting paid. He has restored my faith in the Insurance Industry....I willingly recommend him and his company to everyone

Shas Iqbal - April 2016

Article - FT Adviser - 6 April 2016

Windsor-based Assurant Solutions UK has admitted it made “fundamental errors” in dealing with a legitimate claim against an income protection policy.

After telling the claimant for six months she was entitled to nothing, a pay-out was finally made once adviser Bob Cook, founder of Best Income Protection, pursued the company.

Mr Cook, who sold the client the policy in June 2008, pursued the company for three months until Assurant finally issued an apology and payment in March.

Resurrecting the spectre of past criticisms of the protection market that advisers have spent years trying to erase, policyholder Shas Iqbal said the stress and sleepless nights she has suffered have “totally destroyed” her faith in the insurance industry.

Certain his client is far from alone in having her claim wrongly declined in light of his dealings with Assurant, Mr Cook has referred the company to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to investigate.

“IFAs will have clients in the same situation,” he said. “The client walks away thinking they have been conned and sold a bad policy. The way the claim was handled, the complete lack of knowledge of everybody in the department [at Assurant] led me to think it is not an isolated incident.”

His client, Mrs Iqbal, purchased the income protection to cover 75 per cent of her monthly income, less any sick pay, if she was unable to work through illness.

As her normal gross monthly income was £2,400, the expected policy benefit was £1,800 minus the employer sick pay of £1,000, meaning she was entitled to £800.

But Mr Cook said Assurant, part of the Assurant Group that dates back to 1941, instead deducted the employer’s sick pay from the benefit purchased and claimed his client was entitled to nothing.

In a letter to Mr Cook dated 31 March 2016, Assurant admitted it had inflicted “delays, misinformation and inconvenience” on Mrs Iqbal.

“We made fundamental errors on this claim in our decision-making and as a consequence the information relayed to both of you (on a number of occasions) was clearly incorrect,” the letter said.

Assurant agreed to pay her £800 compensation on top of the monthly benefit of £802.45 it had recalculated.

A spokesperson for Assurant declined to comment on the specific case and the fact the complaint had been made about its conduct to the FCA.

Published : 13 June 2016
Nothing in this article should be taken as personal advice and recommendation. UK tax rates and legislation are liable to change. Products, concepts, rates, legislation and rules referred to in the article above may not be current at the time you read the article.
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