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How you can protect your job or business against the impact of Brexit   27 June 2016
Thank goodness I bought my policy through Best Income Protection   13 June 2016
What is Income Protection ?  
23 February 2015
Christmas – the time of goodwill and . . . Redundancy ?  
29 December 2014
Payment Protection Insurance PPI – is a good thing, a very good thing!  
13 November 2014
Shortest exclusion period in the UK ?  
30 September 2014

What you should know if you are facing redundancy

20 February 2014

Back to Day One Vs. Excess Periods

2 Janaury 2014
Running a short term income protection policy alongside a long term policy  
9 December 2013
Have you tried our free, instant online income protection quote system yet ?  
3 November 2013
Why some income protection insurance policies are more comprehensive than others  
24 October 2013
Is now the time for Royal Mail employees to buy income protection insurance ?  
13 October 2013
I have been made aware of possible redundancy can I have income protection ?  
4 October 2013
Are income protection payments classified as income ?  
19 September 2013
Is your employer reducing or removing your sick pay entitlements ?  
23 August 2013
Will a mortgage payment protection policy pay out if you lose your job whilst off sick ?  
18 July 2013
Short term income protection for pre-existing medical conditions  
13 July 2013
Income protection policy with a 60 day exclusion period  
12 July 2013
Is asthma a pre-existing medical condition when claiming income protection?  
9 July 2013
Work at Direct Line ? - Bought Income Protection Insurance ? - It's Now too Late !  
4 July 2013

If (I am) receiving Income Protection Payments are you classed as employed ?

30 June 2013

Are you protecting your most valuable asset ?

14 June 2013
What does unemployment / redundancy cover with no exclusion period have in common with Santa Clause ?  
31 May 2013
If my employer pays me when I am sick do I need income protection ?  
27 May 2013
Why do I need income protection insurance ?  
2 May 2013
Still thinking about Redundancy Insurance ?  
23 April 2013
Is Income Protection insurance a good buy for self-employed people  
19 March 2013
PPI Mis-selling - A Personal View  
4 March 2013
Holding More Than One Income Protection Policy  
7 February 2013
New Year Redundancies – 2013 off to a Bad Start  
21 January 2013
How to ease worries of redundancy  
2 January 2013
Income Protection with low exclusion period  
2 December 2012

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