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Brexit Income Protection   Brexit : Worried about your job or business ?
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Our Featured Policy has an exclusion period
of only 60 days !!
We have a range of policies available from leading UK insurers to suit every need
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The Benefits of our Featured Policy      Call on 020 33 55 4834
Only 60 day exclusion period for unemployment insurance
Ability to insure for Unemployment / Involuntary Redundancy Only
Cover up to 65% of your gross income. i.e. before tax deductions
Cover up to £3,000 per month - Can be run in tandem with other policies
No requirement for mortgage or loan
Covers 125% of ALL of your regular expenditure and your partner's too !!
Benefit paid TAX FREE !
No restrictions on how you spend the benefit - Spend it on what you want

Outstanding claims pay rate - 95.45% of all claims made in 2015 PAID OUT!

PROTECT YOUR CLAIM VALUE - Provide proof of your bills when buying
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Thank goodness I bought my policy through Best Income Protection

If not for the Best Income Protection team, I would have been unable to pay my bills...If it hadn’t been for their vast experience in this industry and their patience then I would have been unsuccessful in my attempts at getting paid. They have restored my faith in the Insurance Industry....I willingly recommend this company to everyone. Click Here to read the Full Story
100% Satisfaction at Best Income Protection You might like to know : ZERO COMPLAINTS !!
We have been selling Income Protection products, Mortgage Payment Protection and Payment Protection Insurance online since 2000. We have never had any complaint upheld against us. Given the large number of policies we have sold over a 15 year period, it would be misleading to claim that we have never had a call from a customer who has expressed some form of dissatisfaction, however there have been less than 5 such calls and in no case did a significant complaint materialise - How many companies selling similar volumes can make a similar boast?
Experience our excellent customer service for yourself - call us now on 020 33 55 4834
Income Protection Medical Conditions
Income Protection for Medical Conditions
Do you have a Pre-Existing medical condition ?
Quotes 60 exclusion period redundancy insurance
  Get it covered 12 months after holding your policy.  
  This is not our featured policy so please use the button below or call us on 020 33 55 4834  
Pre-Exisitng Medical Conditions Covered
  The insurer will cover all pre-exisitng medical conditions once you have held your policy for more than 12 months  
Insurance for Preexisting Medical Conditions
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Income Protection for Medical Conditions
Not sure if our featured policy is suitable for you, or you need more cover ?
Quotes 60 exclusion period redundancy insurance
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  We are able to offer a range of policies from the UK's leading insurers. If you require more cover than available on our featured policy or have any other requirements please use our quote form or call us on 020 33 55 4834  
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